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TrustATrader Group brings trusted, skilled tradespeople to millions of households every year. Since 2005, we’ve been helping customers to get the job done professionally.

TrustATrader is the UK’s most trusted tradespeople directory and has been since 2005. Since then Trust a Trader have been working hard to supply the UK’s consumer market with skilled, reputable and vetted tradespeople. This goes further than just Trust a Trader, with the team also working hard to give the nation Trust a Garage and TrustATrader Insurance, both aiming to provide trusted and reputable services to the UK. The Trust A Trader Group website is a collective of all the services currently provided which all started with over ten years ago. The team look forward to the next ten years, hoping they can keep on providing the UK with professional, helpful and trusted services.

Trust a Trader Group Brands

TrustATrader-logo has been providing the nation with reputable local tradespeople since 2005. Our easy-to-use online directory showcases the top, skilled talent near you, helping you to get the job done professionally. Our website review system allows consumers to honestly rate and review their tradespeople, helping you to find the best person for the job. With in-depth checks on tradespeople before they join our directory, Trust a Trader has a mission to provide 100% satisfaction for consumers, helping to ‘beat the cowboys’.


Vehicle maintenance and repair can often be costly, but repairing sub-standard garage work can add to the burden. It is, therefore, essential that you find a local garage that you know you can trust. TrustAGarage carefully screen their members to ensure they provide a top quality service at a reasonable rate. As part of the Trust A Trader Group, Trust A Garage have a mission to provide the UK with the best vehicle mechanics from across the country, helping customers to get quality and value, every time.


With over 500,000 policy holders, Trust A Trader Insurance helps to protect tradespeople and the public alike by offering traders great savings on their business and motor insurance. Created to help tradespeople to protect themselves and the public, Trust A Trader Insurance offers public liability insurance and tool insurance. Our outstanding personal service assists traders, helping them to gain the appropriate cover for the work that they do. As part of the Trust A Trader Group, customers who choose Trust A Trader Insurance are guaranteed a trusted and reliable service.

Our Work

At Trust A Trader Group, we work hard every day to ensure that our customers have the best service and exposure to potential customers. We provide leads and supply jobs to thousands of tradespeople and vehicle mechanics; in order to do this, Trust A Trader Group advertises on over 60 radio stations throughout the UK. We also invest in TV advertisements, like the video showcased on the right, which was broadcast across numerous Sky channels including; Sky 1, Sky Sports News, Discovery Home and Universal.

The work doesn’t stop there; the Trust A Trader Group team are continually working hard to raise awareness of the services offered by our customers, safeguarding consumers against substandard work and highlighting the importance of engaging traders that they can trust.

Trust a Trader Group Social Media

TrustATrader Social Media Profiles

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Take a look at our social media profiles for Trust A Trader and Trust A Garage. Here, you can find out about our latest activities and consumer advice. Share your latest project or build with us, fellow tradespeople and potential customers. The team love to see what our tradespeople are up to on a daily basis and we love showing off the skills of our talented registered traders!

TrustAGarage Social Media Profiles

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TrustATrader Charity

Trust A Trader Charity was set up in 2015 to help people in need. By building strong relationships with national charities, Trust A Trader Charity has held numerous events raising over £5000. With the support of our trusted tradespeople, we have been able to help support many less fortunate people.

We offer support for these charities through fundraising, campaign building and donating our time. One of our most successful fundraising campaigns was with Friends of the Elderly, a national charity set up to help vulnerable elderly people. Several events were set up including a 5k and 10k fun run around Battersea Park as well as a horse racing event at Nottingham Races which was broadcast on live TV.

If you are a registered charity and would like to work with us and our tradespeople on a fundraising campaign, get in touch with us via email.

Radio Advertising

TrustATrader Group is heard on over 60 radio stations across the United Kingdom, including Smooth Radio, The Free Radio Network, Heart FM, Jack FM, Mix 96, Radio X and much, much more. You may recognise our advertisements as they feature TV presenter Paddy McGuinness, known for his presenting on ITV’s hit show, Take Me Out.

Radio advertising is a big part of our advertising and helps to spread the message about our service which provides the United Kingdom with checked and vetted tradespeople. Radio advertising also helps bring potential customers to our tradespeople which is our number one focus. TrustATrader Group plans on continuing radio advertisement to help bring more customers and trusted tradespeople alike to UK consumers.

TrustATrader Group Careers

TrustATrader Group is a rapidly growing group of companies and we are always on the lookout for great talent within the website industry. Wherever you are a budding sales operative or a creative content writer, feel free to send us an email if you think you would be the right candidate for TrustATrader Group’s many successful websites.

The TrustATrader Group team are a vibrant and creative team, who are dedicated to bringing the UK the best tradespeople possible. Their hard work has helped hundreds of thousands of UK consumers to get the job done. It is to them that we thank, with their hard work and dedication that we continue to produce a dedicated and reliable service.

TrustATrader Careers

TrustATrader Group Sponsorship

TrustATrader Group sponsors a wide range of organisations across the United Kingdom. With these sponsorships, we are able to aid advertising for our tradespeople whilst supporting local group with their activities.

One of these groups is Stevenage Rugby Club. TrustATrader is proud sponsors of Stevenage Rugby Club who are part of the London & SE Division. TrustATrader has been a long-standing sponsor of the club and has the TrustATrader logo featured on advertising boards as well as the 1 XV shirts.

If you think TrustATrader would be a good sponsor for your organisation, get in touch with us via the contact form page.


Our Stand Against Rogue Traders

Rogue Traders

TrustATrader was founded in 2005 by Gary McEwen, who started the business following a negative experience with tradespeople that worked on his home. This negative experience is what drove Gary and his team to stop this from happening to anyone else, creating Since then, the TrustATrader team have been working tirelessly against rogue traders, to highlight the best and most trustworthy tradespeople the UK has to offer.

TrustATrader offers support and guidance to those who may have been affected by rogue traders. TrustATrader also offers downloadable packages to help combat these cowboy builders and can be downloaded from the Combating Rogue Traders section of the website.

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